Dr Michael O’Neill, director of research and development at Inflection Biosciences, Darren Cunningham, chief executive at Inflection and Prof Bryan Hennessy, senior clinical lecturer at RCSI and consultant medical oncologist. Photograph: Julien Behal

Irish drug development company Inflection Biosciences will present data on its fledgling breakthrough breast cancer therapy to the American Associatio(...)

Actress: Ghettoville

You can’t avoid the creeping dread and menace on the fourth album from Darren Cunningham. After the sublime pitch and poise of Splazsh and R.I.P., (...)

Dr Michael O’Neill (left), with Darren Cunningham: “I explained we wouldn’t have to buy labs, set up offices or anything like that. He could see it as a nice idea but asked:‘Where are the assets?"

A world away from the sprawling offices and labs of major pharmaceutical companies, Irishman Dr Michael O’Neill is busy running the pre-clinical side (...)