Dara Mcanulty

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“As nature is pushed to the fringes of our built-up world, it is these small pockets of wild resistance that can help.”

The tail-end of winter is frustrating, writes Dara McAnulty in his wonderful Diary of a Young Naturalist. “All this waiting to travel through a portal(...)

Irish Times Winter Nights Festival 2021.

Gabriel Byrne, Sonia O’Sullivan, Micheál Martin, Nicola Sturgeon, Emma Dabiri, Dara McAnulty, Blindboy and more will appear at the online festival (...)

The Irish Times Winter Nights Festival takes place from Monday, January 25th to Friday, January 29th,

The line-up for Winter Nights, a new Irish Times online festival taking place at the end of January, was announced on Thursday. Over five evenings fro(...)

Just as dandelions close when raindrops fall, Dara McAnulty says, the bullying at school made him close himself off

The first flowers of my life were sky-blue speedwell and scarlet pimpernel. They grew among the mosses of the gravelled dustbin yard behind our “dinin(...)

Dara McAnulty with his mother Róisín and sister Bláthnaid. “Nature is like the heart of the house,” says Róisín. “It’s how we live our lives.” Photograph: Freya McClements

As we drive through the snow-covered mountains of Co Fermanagh, a large bird of prey swoops in front of us. The car stops, and 13-year-old Dara McAn(...)