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If we’re to take the title of Girl Band’s second album literally, it could mean that the Dublin band consider their 2015 debut to be their “silent” er(...)

Rusangano Family:  a sound and a scene that has energised spaces up and down the land. Photograph: Eric Luke

RUSANGANO FAMILY It is indeed a long, long way from Clare to here. Some of the most exciting music going under the umbrella with its 40 shades of gre(...)

From left, Ben Johnston, Simon Neill and James Johnston. Photograph: Austin Hargrave

It is the day after Brexit and Northern Ireland have just exited the Euros by an own goal to Wales, so the circumstances of Biffy Clyro’s headline sl(...)

Girl guys: “There are so many bands who seem to get a buzz going here, but they don’t put the work behind it, so it just seems to exist in Ireland”

The slow, steady approach for bands has a lot going for it. In the case of Dublin’s Girl Band, the road from schoolboy tyros sounding like their fa(...)