Daniel Tiger

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Tanya Sweeney: ‘I have 18 years, possibly more, of hard, unpaid labour ahead of me.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Full disclosure: I wouldn’t be best described as a maternal person. I hate when kids visit my house. They mess with my Netflix configurations, meaning(...)

Ciara O’Brien and co: “I try to enjoy almost all of it, because I’m reliably informed this stage passes quickly, and before I know it, they’ll be either ignoring my existence or telling me they hate me.”

I am not the type of parent I thought I’d be. Let’s be honest, is there anyone out there who would say they are? It’s safe to say most people have an(...)

Brown Bag employs more than 300 people across Dublin, Manchester and Los Angeles.

Canadian entertainment company, 9 Story Media, is to rebrand its animation arm as Brown Bag Films. The move comes just more than two years after it ac(...)