Daniel Pink

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Research shows women in professional services tended to be the happiest at work while women in banking and financial services were the most unhappy. Photograph: Getty Images

In February, Maggie Brereton and Ina Kjaer handed in their notice at work. On the face of it, there was nothing unusual about it. People leave their j(...)

Daniel Pink in his popular YouTube video: “You’ve got to pay people well. Money is a motivator. If you don’t pay people enough, people will not be motivated.”

High pay is a dirty word in Ireland. But if you want the best you have to cough up. That’s the take-home message for HR executives from business think(...)

Chantal Burns, author of ‘Instant Motivation: The Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Top Performance’, believes we need to gain a better understanding of how our brain works

The market for self-help books aimed at those wishing to improve their performance and motivation at work is a crowded one. Those looking for quick-fi(...)