Tim and Fred Williams react to U2’s Where the Street Have No Name. Photogaph: YouTube

Have you ever mentally pictured a scenario in which aliens landed on Earth from outer space and heard U2 for the first time? Well, thanks to the inter(...)

InishBofin, Co Galway. Photograph: Declan Surpless

Our offhsore havens are opening up again – a perfect excuse to get away from it all In the darkest days of lockdown anyone with a grá for our of(...)

The pandemic has been Christmas for fraudsters

Stress, bewilderment and panic are all a rational response to the Covid-19 crisis that have the side-effect of leaving people more vulnerable than the(...)

Ruth Burke: “She was quite witty. Daniel O’Donnell was one of her favourites.”

This article is one of a series about people who have died with coronavirus in Ireland and among the diaspora. Read more at irishtimes.com/covid-19-li(...)

Inside St Columba’s in Burtonport, west Donegal, a solitary priest stands on the altar and looks down on an empty church. “It’s not the way it’s mea(...)

Daniel O’Donnell sometimes  finds today’s humour complicated and smart, but Donegal’s Conal Gallen  is clear.

Current favourite book I’m reading a book by Peter Molloy, who lives in Missouri but is from Donegal. He self-published The Branson Butcher, a crime (...)

Daniel O’Donnell welcomes the Mary from Dungloe contestants on stage during a concert. Ireland’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council in 2011 might have been helped by his popularity in certain small countries. Photograph: North West Newspix

Twenty years ago I was asked to talk to a senior Australian politician about the Celtic Tiger. I recounted the vital role played by European Union mem(...)

The late Joe Dolan performs at the INEC, in Killarney: the owners of the venue saw profits fall in 2018. Photograph:  Don MacMonagle

Operating profits at the hotel group which operates the INEC in Killarney last year decreased by 7 per cent to €1.32 million. New accounts filed by&n(...)

Caroline Madden: 'Between house price increases, and 13 years of paying down the mortgage, we were no longer in negative equity'

They say the best time to buy a house is always five years ago. In our case this turned out to be true. I was 26, my boyfriend 27, and we paid €480,00(...)

Electric Picnic 2019: Lina Bebekh, from Clondalkin in Dublin, in the Stradbally drizzle. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Driving into Stradbally on Friday morning, one is immediately greeted by stand after stand of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have set up shop at the side o(...)

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