Alcohol-free bar: Anna Walsh of the Virgin Mary, in Dublin, makes a Ceder’s spritz. Photograph: Tom Honan

Each year more and more people are saying goodbye to hangovers and hello to alcohol-free versions of beer, cider, wine and spirits. Even a couple of y(...)

Stonewell: Daniel Emerson and his wife, Géraldine

Stonewell Cider was set up by Daniel Emerson and his French wife Géraldine in 2009. “My family had always made cider from our small orchard on the far(...)

Japanese chef Takashi Miyazaki is among the speakers at a new food and design  festival in Cork this weekend. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

A food festival quite unlike any other in Ireland kicks off in Cork today, and runs until Sunday evening. Design POP fuses art and design and food, an(...)