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This new tax might be fair, but it won’t contribute much to the State’s coffers

Ireland was for long an outlier in the rich world in that it did not extract from its citizens an annual tax on the value of their homes. Our unusual (...)

Ajai Chopra: said the euro zone’s bailout fund should not be used to deal with “legacy” banking debts. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Ajai Chopra of the International Monetary Fund has reiterated his organisation’s long standing calls for a full banking union in the eurozone. (...)

Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan yesterday: “Permanent debt relief is not something that can be offered to all”. Photograph: Dave Meehan

In an unusually forceful statement yesterday, the governor of the Central Bank and he(...)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook, centre, appears before a Senate investigations subcommittee hearing on offshore profit shifting. Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

The Irish economy’s dependence on foreign multinationals is without parallel in the developed world. Foreign-owned companies account for a larg(...)

Half of property market professionals and experts surveyed say residential proprty prices will fall in 2013. Photo: Alan Betson

A new survey of 121 property market professionals and experts founds that more than half of respondents believe that the residential proprty pr(...)

In the first three months of the year exports of chemical and pharmaceutical products fell by more than 11 per cent on the same period in 2012

The value of exports rose modestly for the second consecutive month in March, but foreign(...)

In Ireland, as in most European countries, the banking system is the most important conduit for channelling money from savers to investors. If the most important part of the financial system is impaired, under-investment follows, leading in turn to sub-par economic growth

The function of a financial system is to channel money from people who have it but want to save it to people who don’t have it but want to spen(...)

The report by the Brussels-based Bruegal thinktank argues that in hindsight Greek sovereign debt should have been written down at the outset

Ireland’s EU-IMF bailout has been broadly successful, according to a new reports by a leading Europ(...)

Income distribution among Irish households was ‘more equal than the average in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2010’

Income distribution among Irish households was more equal than the average in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2010(...)

New research shows in the starkest terms yet how younger people were much more seriously affected by the property crash(...)

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