Dan Minchin

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For a leatherback turtle, a jellyfish or a plastic bag? Illustration: Michael Viney

In the early autumn of 1989, a marine biologist friend joined me for a walk on the strand. To measure almost 30 years, Minister for Health Simon Harri(...)

 What makes the stonewort “starry” are white clusters of tiny bulbils studding its stems like star-shaped earrings. Picture: Michael Viney

At the end of a summer free of fierce winds or peaty floods, the waters of the Shannon’s great Lough Derg are at their clearest, though still tawny en(...)

Didemnum vexillum or Japanese sea squirt – also known as marine vomit:  can smother other marine life. Photograph Dr Dan Minchin.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service says it is “aware” of the spread in south Galway Bay of the carpet sea squirt, a highly invasive non-native sp(...)

Chinese mitten crab: slightly more presentable than Didemnum vexillum. Illustration: Michael Viney

The creatures of the seabed are not always attractive to the human eye, though many so-called worms can resemble the loveliest of flowers. Some(...)

Minuscule: a Craspedacusta sowerbyi medusa is the size of a €1 coin. Illustration: Michael Viney

The great oceanic trout lakes of the west of Ireland, with their rich limestone feeding and plump specimen fish, have no counterpart in continental Eu(...)

Up to a dozen bodies responsible for environmental protection and tourism development on Lough Derg, should copy the efforts of international commiss(...)