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“Nagging questions about the relevance of our growth metrics and in particular the contribution of multinationals remain while, on the horizon, Brexit and changes to the global tax environment loom large.”

A slew of data about the Irish economy published in the past two weeks all points to a remarkable turnaround in the State’s economic fortunes. Headl(...)

An activist wearing a mask of Forza Italia party leader Silvio Berlusconi poses the day after Italy’s general election, in Rome. Photograph: Max Rossi/Reuters

A hung parliament in Italy and the prospect of a new government led by one of two populist parties following the Italian general election has caused a(...)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar:  “This is the third year in a row that we’ve had more resources, a bigger budget, more staff, more beds, more home care, and despite all that we haven’t seen an improvement.” Photograph: Tibor Illyes/AP)

As the number of people on hospital trolleys remains stubbornly high, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has expressed his frustration that higher public health s(...)

 Former Conservative leader Michael Howard said Theresa May would be willing to go to war with Spain to protect Gibraltar’s sovereignty. Photograph: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

On this week’s World View podcast, a little storm has erupted over promises from the European Union that Spain will have a veto on any post-Brexit tra(...)

The 133m Nachi-no-Otaki – Japan’s highest waterfall – seen from Nachi Taisha grand shrine at the end of the Kumano Kodo pigrimage route

At the end of Kumano Kodo, a 1,000-year-old pilgrimage trail through the Kii mountains of Japan, travellers are urged to step inside a huge camphor tr(...)

Bison in the Bialowieza Forest in eastern Poland. Photograph: Lukasz Mazurek/WildPoland.com

A t dusk a last bar of orange burns low in the western sky. A silvery sheen covers meadows where corncrakes and tree frogs call under a yellow moon. (...)

 No change of policy: Federica Mogherini, EU high representative   for foreign affairs. Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

The EU’s foreign policy chief ruled out any change of approach to peace efforts in Syria despite military strikes on hospitals and schools which left (...)

A  woman views flowers placed on a burnt out vehicle near Independence Square. The information emerging online from Ukraine over the past week is simply astonishing. Photograph: Getty Images

Social media is now a Situation Room. The information emerging online from Ukraine over the past week is simply astonishing. While the digital (...)

Ukrainians light candles during mourning ceremony for Sergey Nigoyan memory in west Ukrainian city of Lviv. Sergey Nigoyan was killed by gunfire yesterday morning  in Kiev. Photograph: Markiian Lyseiko/EPA

Barricades are burning and black smoke is billowing over Kiev, as the hours tick down on an opposition ultimatum to Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukov(...)

Candles are lit by the public at the vigil at Eyre Square in Galway city in October  to mark the first anniversary of the death of Savita Halappanavar. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Within the timeframe of the past 70 years, good journalism has never been so important. Events, conflicts, great uncertainty and a deluge of questi(...)

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