Dan Lyons

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In Scotland, the BrewDog craft beer company offers people with a new dog a week’s leave to help settle it in. Photograph: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg

One of my first jobs was on a prawn trawler in northern Australia where I was hired as a cook and deckhand. This was baffling considering I was just (...)

When tech workers reach the age of 45 they see the number of jobs they are offered drop, according to tech recruitment platform Hired.

Bob Crum finally bailed out of the tech industry last year, after four decades working for Silicon Valley companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Micro(...)

Yes to . . . a city break in Paris. Photograph: Getty Images

Ireland This incredible weather, heating us all up happily. Bluebells Glorious right now. Walk in the woodlands and wonder. Galway Arts Festival (...)

Hubspot: company colour of orange seemed to run in the blood of the twenty-somethings who filled offices corresponding to every cliché of what a tech start-up should be

In the summer of 2012, Massachusetts-born Dan Lyons was at the top of his profession. A vastly experienced magazine writer, he was technology editor o(...)