Dan Doctoroff

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Sidewalk Labs proposed Area1 and Area2 of Portland development. Photograph: Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty

The former fish processing plant is so unremarkable that, at first, my taxi driver speeds right past it. He shrugs as we come to a stop in an empty pa(...)

The service is intended for customers who want high-speed internet access through their mobile devices while travelling on New York’s streets

The world’s fastest and largest municipal WiFi network is being rolled out in New York by a consortium of investors including Google, in the latest at(...)

Michael Bloomberg is set to return to the company he founded.

Sitting still does not suit Michael Bloomberg. Eight months since he left political office, the former mayor of New York has returned to run the marke(...)

The impressive Dan Doctoroff, chief executive and president of Bloomberg, was the guest speaker at Thursday’s annual Dublin Chamber of Commerce dinner .Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

So, Fine Gael holds its conference in Limerick today, with the Taoiseach and his Ministers away from base even though Tuesday’s budget hasn’t yet been(...)

The potential of disruptive innovation to boost job creation in the maritime sector will be explored at the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster(...)