Tony Soprano sees his therapist Dr Melfi over his panic attacks in The Sopranos.

I am seven-years-old the first time my brain stumbles. I am at my cousins’ house. We are playing something loud and raucous when I feel myself rise up(...)

Seamus Heaney at his old primary school in Anahorish, Bellaghy, Co Derry, in spring 1996. Photograph: Bobbie Hanvey Photographic Archives/John J Burns Library/Boston College

During the summer, I was at the Yeats International Summer School in Sligo. While there, I was invited to Broc House, Damien Brennan and Paula Gilvarr(...)

Dr Damien Brennan: “There was a harshness and dehumanising aspect that was very much like the Magdalene laundry”

Medical professionals and local communities protecting their economic interests played a major role in the incarceration of tens of thousands of pe(...)

‘All the shame of the era is being dumped on the religious orders.” These words, from a nun involved in managing a Magdalene laundry, broadcast(...)