Have you ever asked yourself: What is the minimum amount of living space I actually need? In London recently, a German architect called Patrik Schuma(...)

One person’s “clutter” is  another person’s relaxed attitude to things; and one person’s “hoarding” is another person’s lifetime of treasured possessions.

Anyone who has ever thought about renting out a property is surely aware of the potential for the very small percentage of “nightmare renters” – peopl(...)

When choosing decor for high-end properties, having the benefit of a cultural education can prove a distinct asset

“You don’t need a degree to succeed in business,” is a mantra my mother has always repeated to me, explicitly praising to the heavens the likes of Sir(...)

Damian Flanagan: “It sometimes seems a shame that people zone themselves out of a certain standard of living simply because they have been mentally inculcated with more modest ambitions in life.”

If you are in the property business, generally speaking it makes sense to adopt an emotionally neutral position towards the properties you are offerin(...)