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James McGovern, a recently retired teacher who led his school to win a record haul of awards for public speaking competitions. Photograph: Patrick Browne
Secrets of school debating success

As a young teacher in CBS Enniscorthy in the mid-1980s, I took over the coaching of the public speaking and debating teams as an extracurricular activ(...)

Daniel at the 2017 Dublin City Marathon. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Every two weeks, you reach into the cacophony, deep within your mind, and pinch out a rock of thought. Sculpting, sanding, crafting, you present a tea(...)

How to Win Friends and Influence People: not everyone agrees with Dale Carnegie, but he knew the value of persuasion. Photograph: Frederic Hamilton/Hulton/Getty

By the time you read this I will be on my way to jail. Not to be detained at her majesty’s pleasure but to argue about current affairs as part of a de(...)

Dale Carnegie: while the working environment may have changed since the “How to Win Friends and Influence People” author’s first course in a YMCA hall in Harlem, humankind has not.

Listening to business magnate Warren Buffett talk, it is hard to believe he was once so terrified of public speaking that it made him throw up. Buff(...)

How to be Really Productive: includes a five-point plan for dealing with heavy workloads

Mindfulness was one of the big themes in the self-help category of management books over the past couple of years but recently there’s been a flurry o(...)

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Image of the week: Passion and politics It probably wasn’t the most interesting conversation he has had lately, but for UK prime minister David(...)