Rote learning: Without subject-specific facts committed to long-term memory, higher-order thinking is not possible.

Complaints that the Leaving Cert focuses too much on rote learning and not enough on higher-order thinking surface at this time every year. There is (...)

Illustration: Tom Mathews

That memory is vital for learning is fundamental. Long-term memory is a central and dominant feature of cognition, and all aspects of seeing, heari(...)

In its latest report, the UN committee told Ireland to do more to provide non- denominational schools and Atheist Ireland said it was “self- serving for Educate Together, at the expense of possible non-denominational schools” to use this recommendation to “to plead for Government funding”.

Patron de jour Educate Together has been under attack from an unlikely quarter these days. Atheist Ireland has accused the organisation of misl(...)

One and one makes two: Rote learning used to be the only way children were taught

There are all sorts of statements in education that are taken as fact: rote learning is a bad thing; the 21st century changes everything when it comes(...)