US president Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the presmumptive Democratic candidate in November’s election. Photographs: Jim Watson, Dominic Reuter//AFP via Getty Images

It is a scenario that the US state department has warned about the world over: an incumbent politician in a democracy with weak institutions tries to (...)

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump:  The Government Accountability Office warned of the risk of fraud in the government’s enhanced unemployment benefits. Photographer: Bloomberg

The US Treasury sent $1.4 billion (€1.2bn) worth of stimulus cheques to more than one million dead Americans, a congressional watchdog found, raising (...)

Republicans and Democrats have clashed about what sort of bill should be passed to top up the programme

A $350 billion (€322 billion) US rescue fund for small businesses ran out of cash on Thursday morning after the US Treasury and congressional leaders (...)

US president Donald Trump with ghis then newly-appointed national security adviser John Bolton in April, 2018. Photograph:  Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

Donald Trump’s lawyers were set to wrap up their opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday, as senators debate whether to call witn(...)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: her  ascent in the polls comes partially thanks to Mr Trump’s own missteps.  (Photograph: AFP Photo)

As her opponent continued to reel from one of the worst weeks of his campaign, Hillary Clinton touched down in Denver, Colorado, with an ample amount(...)