Cormac Joyce

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Li Guoxing, whose face was disfigured  by a bear, received the world’s second face transplant in China in 2006. Photograph: China Photos/Getty Images

When it comes to talking, eating, seeing, smelling, expressing emotion and allowing others to infer our age and ethnicity, we all need a face. But wha(...)

Mountain-biker Stephen McDonald: “I’m 49, never been fitter or happier with a sport and my life revolves around bikes and my family”. Photograph: Caroline Kerley

The health benefits of cycling are clear to many; not least to the 29,000-plus members of Cycling Ireland from over 450 clubs. An increasingly popular(...)

‘Nothing is more empowering than towering over your boyfriend and your boss in shoes that double as an offensive weapon. Stilettos – not combat trousers and pierced tongues – are a real source of girl power.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Many office Christmas parties, to the disappointment of some, are held on the premises with little space for dancing. But in the hospital lab where I(...)