There are plans to relaunch the Rockfield Lounge as a gastro-themed bar and restaurant

The Rockfield Lounge at Balally, Dundrum, Dublin 16, has been let to a new consortium at the quoting rent of €110,000 per annum. The lease has been as(...)

The scales  of justice on the roof of the Four Courts  in Dublin
Judgments: key cases in brief

Rehabilitation should have been addressed in a sentence for arson. DPP vs Flynn, IECA 290, (Court of Appeal, Edwards J, December 4th, 2015) The Court (...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Former husband restrained from bringing further court action without leave JMH v KH [2015]IESC 85 (Supreme Court, Charleton J, November 26th, 2015) Th(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Country of origin information was unlawfully assessed by Refugee Appeals Tribunal QH (Pakistan) v Refugee Appeals Tribunal [2015]IEHC 582 (High Court,(...)

An examiner is not required to provide commercially sensitive information to bona fide potential investor. In re Ladbrokes (Irl) Ltd IEHC 381 (High C(...)

Breach of rules during referendum campaign did not warrant annulment of outcome Jordan v. Minister for Children [2015]IESC 33 (Supreme Court, Clarke J(...)