MyHome and Davy figures show that the asking price for houses offered for sale in the Republic over the second quarter fell 2.9% on the same period in 2019.

House prices fell by almost 3 per cent to an average price of €268,000 as Covid-19 struck in the second quarter of the year, according to property web(...)

Mortgage lending to first-time buyers has increased by 15 per cent. File photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

House prices are flatlining across the Republic as the banking regulator’s lending rules take the heat out of property inflation, a report from websit(...)

With rents now soaring above Celtic tiger highs, tenants may be looking more actively for a way out of what looks like a one-way bet on the longer te(...)

Previous efforts to incentivise first-time buyers  have failed, so is the Government heading the right direction this time? Photograph: Getty Images

First-time buyers are expected to get a filip this October, with plans afoot for a new incentive-type scheme which should help them get a first step o(...)