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The red squirrel, although still quite widespread, has disappeared from many forests as a result of competition and disease spread by the greys. Photograph: Joe Kilroy

Everywhere, precious species are in decline. Sometimes, however, there is good news, such as the rare example of the recovery of the long-threatened I(...)

New arrival: the hazel dormouse came to Ireland recently, perhaps in French hay. Illustration: Michael Viney

A little animal, curled up and sleeping, nose to furry tail, like a strokable netsuke, tumbled out of a bag of hay in front of a reader in Co Kildare (...)

Fighting back: the red squirrel is now in all 32 counties. Illustration: Michael Viney

My first grey squirrel was scampering up a sidewalk tree in the heart of imperial Washington, a sight of no apparent novelty to anyone else. My second(...)

The Irish stoat is the focus of a  research project by NUI Galway. Photograph: Dermot Breen

The once elusive stoat is more urbanised than previously believed and has been sighted on city and town streets, in university grounds and industrial(...)

A new study has found the pine marten population in the midlands is proportionately higher than in other parts of Europe. Photograph: Getty

Some people might think Ireland’s most elusive mammal is the tiger, but if you are a zoologist you will know it is the pine marten. Now, a new study h(...)