Ehospital patients benefit from high levels of clinical supervision yet enjoy a quieter environment with no nursing staff making night rounds.

In a nondescript block in Cleveland, Ohio, a handful of doctors and nurses clock-in at 7pm each evening for a 12-hour shift, keeping watch through the(...)

Perfect pick: pursuing or applying innovation without the right information or in the wrong direction is next to useless

Getting marketing right is crucial for any company. Pursuing or applying innovation without the right information or, worse, in the wrong direction is(...)

Horace Dediu’s essay identifies a key characteristic of innovation, with a nod to Steve Jobs. Photograph: Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty Images

“Innovation” is one of those words that, through casual overuse, has come to signify a wide array of distinct concepts – in some sense, the wor(...)

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, co-author of Innovation as Usual: “Successful innovation is as much about politics as great ideas. Politics is seen as negative but it works both ways. If you harness it correctly, you can use it to propel your idea with great speed.”

Learning to be a little understated could be a vital skill for successful innovators in organisations, according to the author of a new book. (...)