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An ingenious method of tuning pianos based on the concept of entropy was recently devised by Haye Hinrichsen of Würzburg University. Entropy was firs(...)

Some games, such as Minecraft, encourage a high level of creativity

Logical thinking is a central element in the learning process. For more than two millenniums, logic has been the basis of rational argument. It is (...)

Film, to be broadcast on September 1st, is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons. Photograph: Eric Luke

The impact of mathematician George Boole’s work on technology today is explored in a new film commissioned by University College Cork to be screened (...)

MP3s have a huge impact on how people acquire and save music. Thanks to data compression, it is possible to download and store a large volume of music on a PC or iPod. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple

The arrival of mobile phones was followed rapidly by “txtese”, an abbreviation of language to enable messages to be written and transmitted rapidly(...)