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Dame Vera Lynn in 2003, with a photograph of her during the second World War. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Vera Lynn (Vera Margaret Welch) Born: March 20th, 1917 Died: June 18th, 2020 At the start of the second World War, Vera Lynn, who has died aged 103, (...)

Ah, there she goes. June. The month which has given rise to the world’s most shockingly bad sentimental song lyrics. And with such awful punny play on(...)

The Loop in Dublin Airport

The first time I discovered the joy of airport shopping was on a trip to Cork back in the good old days when we still had a Dublin-to-Cork service.(...)

 The Lord Mayor of Dublin Andy Clarkin, with Joan Dowling actress (left) and  Petula Clarke, singer (right)

Published: November 24th, 1952We’re not quite sure why, in November 1952, the Lord Mayor of Dublin allowed himself to be waylaid by a couple of Englis(...)