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Paul Henry pictured outside court holding a framed photo of his  son  Lee (13) who was killed in the hit and run. Photograph: Collins Courts

A driver who caused the death of a teenage boy in a fatal hit and run has been jailed for eight months. Lee Henry (13) and a group of his friends wer(...)

Ivor Callely leaving the High Court in 2015. Photograph: Collins

Locating Ivor Callely’s second-hand car business enabled a summons server to meet him personally to give him legal papers over an alleged €2.9 million(...)

Members of Dublin Fire Brigade attend to a fire in Bluebell, Dublin on the eve of Halloween last week. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/ For the Irish Times

Trade union leaders have renewed their call for a dedicated transport police unit in An Garda Síochána following a spate of Halloween night attacks on(...)

Dublin Bus driver William Healy gets the feel for one of the company’s 90 new buses. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Ninety new double-decker buses with dedicated spaces for buggies are to be added to the Dublin Bus fleet. The buses have separate wheelchair spaces an(...)

It’s four in the morning, as the Leonard Cohen song goes. But I’m not in New York. I’m in Tesco. And I can buy a giant flatscreen TV, a washing(...)