Caitríona Mordan, RRI projects officer for DCU

You work in the area of RRI, or responsible research and innovation. What does that mean? RRI is about developing research in a reflective way. Unive(...)

Dr Pasha Baranov (left) with co-authors of the Nature paper, Dr Martina Yordanova from Pasha’s laboratory and Dr Gary Loughran from Prof John Atkins’ laboratory in UCC. The photo is by Dr Alex Zhdanov, also a co-author

Congratulations, you have just had a study published in the journal Nature – what was that work about? My lab is interested in how we make proteins i(...)

It isn’t a textbook but opens up the world of science: Foraminifera are single-celled protists with shells. Illustrations from Life Under The Lens by Jennifer Delaney.

Who doesn’t love colouring in? No matter what age you are, if you can hold a pencil, marker or crayon then keeping between the lines offers hours of f(...)

Dr Aggie Georgiopoulou and Dr David McNamara aboard the JOIDES Resolution, sailing in the sourthern Pacific. Photograph: Dr Erin Todd

Sometimes when you want answers, you have to go digging. Or maybe drilling deep below the seabed. Two researchers have swapped dry land in Ireland for(...)

Dr Fatima Gunning: “When I was growing up in Brazil, my older brother was always showing me how to make things.”

What research do you do? I work with optical fibre communications, which is the infrastructure that allows you to connect to the internet on your pho(...)

Dr Rachel McLoughlin at the research bench in TCD. Photograph: Jason Clarke

You look at how the body reacts to a very common bacterium. Can you explain why? I’m interested in a bacterium called Staphylococcus (“Staph”) aureus(...)

You have worked on intriguing projects, like clothes that change in response to your body heat, sensors that can sit in the environment for ages and e(...)

Dr John Morrissey of UCC, who co-ordinates a project entitled  CHASSY, developing yeasts for making ingredients in cosmetics. Photograph: John Sheehan

How can we use yeast to make ingredients for food and cosmetics sustainably? Or harness the energy and nutrients of agricultural waste? How about usin(...)

Dr Rosie Mangan: “As for insects, I find them fascinating. Love them or loathe them, you can’t deny they are vital for life on earth and they are the most diverse group in the animal kingdom.”

You work in the area of biological control – what does that mean? My research looks at ways to protect plants from attacks by insects, but rather tha(...)

Ruth Connelly of third class Ballintemple National School at the Discovery Science Festival in Cork City Hall. Photograph: Clare Keogh

Whether it’s a solar eclipse, Cassini’s stunning images of Saturn and its moons or humans floating around in the International Space Station, space ha(...)

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