Claire O Connell

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Dr Elvira De Eyto, zoologist: ‘Everything we do in our lives is connected to the climate and how the world is functioning.’

What do you work on with the Marine Institute? For nearly 20 years I have been involved in long-term monitoring of the Burrishoole catchment ecosyste(...)

Katie O’Dwyer: My partner and I live and breathe science, it’s a hobby as well as a job.

Your research is on parasites – what do you look at? I work on parasites that have complex life cycles spending parts of their lives in different anim(...)

Professor of software engineering at UL Ita Richardson: ‘If you think of software like a building, then programming makes up the building block.’

How did you develop an interest in computers? I went to secondary school in Loreto, Mullingar, and one of the teachers was my aunt, Sister Concepta. (...)

‘Confidence differs from optimism and self-esteem, in that it is linked to action, with the brain chemical dopamine underpinning the feeling of reward at mastering a challenge.’ File photograph: Getty

Your research explores how our brain, mind and behaviour are linked. What drives your interest in that? The early 20th century was the era of physics(...)

Prof Claire Gormley

Congratulations, you recently became one of the first women in Ireland to be a full professor in statistics Thank you. My friend and colleague Prof No(...)

Dublin at night as seen from the International Space Station, spring 2013. Photograph: Chris Hadfield

A new, Irish-language brochure about European Space Agency (Gníomhaireacht Spáis na hEorpa) activities is helping to make Ireland’s involvement with s(...)

Prof Lisa Connolly: ‘Seeing the success of early-stage scientists when they become successful researchers is what gives me the most drive.’

You work on endocrine disruptors – what are they? Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can mimic our hormones and disrupt our hormone system. Some(...)

Dr Jessamyn Fairfield. Photograph: Steve Cross

Sometimes when things are tough, you just have to laugh. But could comedy also offer a way of communicating science more effectively? How has Covid-19(...)

Dr Roger Preston: ‘I think that keeping a balance between work and life outside work is a challenge.’

We associate Covid-19 with lung problems, but you recently got funding from Science Foundation Ireland to look at it further afield in the body, can y(...)

‘We are inviting anyone who is over 18 and who can spare 10 minutes to record their breathing into their phone to take part.’ Photograph: iStock

Taking part in a new research project on Covid-19 could be as simple as breathing next to your phone for a few minutes. The project, led by a team at (...)

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