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Cindy Gallop said sex tech wouldn’t be taken seriously until it proved that it could make a lot of money.  Photograph: iStock

Could Ireland become a major hub for sex tech? MakeLoveNot Porn founder Cindy Gallop thinks so. The sex tech entrepreneur urged the Irish business com(...)

Chloe Fernagut from Toulouse, France converses with Robothespian while taking a selfie during pre-registration for the Dublin Tech Summit at the Convention Centre in Dublin. Photograph: Barbara Lindberg.

There has never been more venture capital chasing bad ideas than at present, attendees at the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit were told on Wednesday. No(...)

Noelle O’Reilly, CEO of Dublin Tech Summit, which will include a Fashion Stage: “If you’ve just come from a very serious fintech talk and need a break, the fashion stage works for a bit of downtime.”

The Dublin Tech Summit, at the Convention Centre Dublin on February 15th and 16th, is not for hardcore techies. This is not a criticism, but rather a(...)

Our sexual egos are fragile things. The moment we take our clothes off in front of someone, we place our mind and body in an extreme position of vuln(...)

“The issue isn’t porn. It’s the complete lack in our society of an open, healthy, honest conversation about sex in the real world”

“You need to be educating kids not just about sex, but also about porn”, according to MakeLoveNotPorn founder, Cindy Gallop. “The average age today(...)

“The hottest start up at the web summit was the web summit itself”

So long to the Web Summit, which is leaving Dublin for Lisbon in 2016. The face of the Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave, is everything Irish people pretend (...)

‘As sexual beings with adult content literally at our fingertips, surely it’s time to fess up?’ Photograph: Ed Hidden via Getty Images

The internet is useful for a great many things, from watching videos of dancing penguins to finding out what Dickens character you are. And amid th(...)

Woman doing hand wraps before working out. Photograph: Getty’s LeanIn collection

There is the businesswoman, wearing a suit and glasses and holding a briefcase. There is the mother, smiling as she pours milk into her children’s ce(...)