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‘Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge’, where panellists  bloviate entertainingly about the news of the day on live television. Photograph: Andres Poveda

The human brain is a wonderful thing, the comedian George Jessel once observed: it starts working the moment you’re born and never stops until the mom(...)

Dr Ciara Kelly’s appointment means that Newstalk’s weekday roster is no longer exclusively male, an imbalance which has been the subject of criticism in the weeks since the controversy erupted over Hook’s comments.

Newstalk has announced that Ciara Kelly will permanently take George Hook’s place in its weekday lunchtime slot. Dr Kelly will present her new show, ‘(...)

Dr Ciara Kelly

With George Hook gone from his weekday lunchtime slot, there’s a new sheriff in town on High Noon (Newstalk, weekdays) in the form of Ciara Kelly. Not(...)

George Hook will be off the air at Newstalk until December when he will start a new weekend show.

Broadcaster George Hook is to permanently “step down” from his weekday lunchtime slot at Newstalk following the furore over his on-air comments recent(...)

Newstalk tweeted just after 9am on Friday that George Hook had been suspended from all duties and that the process arising from his comments last week about rape and responsibility would continue. File photograph: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Newstalk hopes to conclude the process arising from George Hook’s controversial comments on rape by next week, following its decision to suspend the p(...)

Dr Ciara Kelly: ‘I don’t think academic time should be given over to religion teaching.’

What’s your most vivid Leaving Cert memory? My parents went on holiday three days before my Leaving Cert. That may not be good advice today, but nobo(...)

Down with this sort of thing: Graham Linehan addresses the  Parents for Choice protest against the Government decision to hand over the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity religious order.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

As a cursory scan of the airwaves attests, the decision to hand over ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital (NMH) to the Sisters of Charity (...)

Kathryn Thomas: “I have days when I feel better in myself, and days when I don’t.”

Kathryn Thomas is the first to admit that she fell off the wagon over Christmas. Just like the rest of us. “I have been in much better shape than I(...)

The Cutting Edge programme was said to include “patronising, ill informed, ignorant and insensitive comments” which should have been challenged by host Brendan O’Connor.

Two Church of Ireland women priests have taken strong exception to a portrayal of the church as “watered down Catholicism” on Wednesday night’s RTÉ On(...)

Newstalk drivetime presenters Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney, in an image used in the radio station’s €400,000 marketing campaign.

Newstalk’s has tweaked its “Move the Dial” advertising slogan to “Moving Ireland’s Dial” in a €400,000 campaign to lure new listeners to its rejigged(...)

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