Ciara Fallon

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To hold on to them, employers need to align their values with those of their younger workers, the research suggests. These include tolerance and inclusivity. Photograph: Getty Images

It was always likely to happen. Millennials started out in their careers determined to make a difference, workers in search of purpose. Then they join(...)

Happy employees are more productive so companies are more anxious to capture the emotions of staff and crowdsource their ideas these days

A happy employee is a productive one, right? That’s what the experts say, so companies are forever looking at ways to measure how engaged staff member(...)

Ciara Fallon of PwC Ireland said: “Organisations that get it right enjoy a better return on their people investment and are better equipped to take advantage of business opportunities.”

Irish-based employees of US multinationals are up to six times more profitable per head than counterparts elsewhere in Europe, a new study by Pricewa(...)