Cian Nugent

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This is an exciting time for Irish music. the dreary male with Guitar is being replaced and a wave of multicultural and multifaceted (...)

From hip hop and rap to noisy guitars and pop, here’s the 10 best albums you should not miss Six months down and where are we? Healthy enough, t(...)

Former members of Pet Lamb, The Stars of Heaven, Jackbeast and Legion of Two have united again as Dinah Brand to produce a brilliant third album, whic(...)

One thing you can say about Cian Nugent: he keeps you guessing. The young Dubliner’s third album is another stylistic about-turn, having kick-sta(...)

Walking On Cars

2016 is already shaping up to be a bumper year for albums, as top-level pop stars and rock bands get their respective fingers out and tussle for the (...)

Kendrick Lamar: has been working away on new music for ages – and is also looking at tour dates for early 2015. But where’s his new album?

It could happen at any time. One moment, you’re sitting there, procrastinating like a pro. The next, your inbox, social-media feeds and news source(...)

Xanadu chief executive  Mark Brosnan greeting   Taoiseach Enda Kenny during his visit to the company. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Enda Kenny’s visit to the offices of Cork company Xanadu yesterday must have been a welcome relief from the outbreak of rancorous negativity that has (...)

The offices of Xanadu where 120 jobs are to be created.

A software development company set up by three Irish entrepreneurs in2011, is to grow its staff by a further 120 over the coming year, it was announce(...)

Virtuoso acoustic guitarist Cian Nugent returns with a new band and one more track – three in total – than on his last album, Doubles. The relatively (...)