Felicity Fanning (right) who has the Lyric hearing device, and Ann Kelly at Ann Kelly Hearing, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

The closer you stand to a dartboard, the more bull’s eyes you’re likely to hit is an analogy clinical audiologist Mark Sanford uses to describe one be(...)

Good news for male cyclists: infertility induced by the sport usually isn’t permanent. Photograph: Getty Images

Although he has three children Homer Simpson’s lifestyle isn’t good for his fertility. As Dr David Walsh, medical director at the Sims IVF Clinic in D(...)

Roma parents Loreda and Iancu with their two children Regina and Iancu junior (2), who was taken into care earlier this week.

The events that led to the removal of two Roma children from their families this week because they did not resemble their biological parents were “(...)

It emerged this week that the Health Service Executive is forecasting an end-of-year deficit of €105 million on direct services

A vigil was held outside Crumlin Children’s Hospital today in protest against recent Government cuts to the availability of medical cards. In pouring (...)

Larry Page: The new company will focus on issues such as decreased mobility and mental agility in addition to life-threatening diseases. Photograph:  Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Having mapped the earth, developed “smart glasses” and cars that drive by themselves, the next big issue that Google plans to target is old age. In a (...)

The number of people in Ireland who are non-resident for tax purposes increased by 27.15 per cent between 2009 and 2011, according to information rele(...)

An  Irish Water worker installs its first water meter at a house in Maynooth, Co Kildare today. Photograph: Colm Mahady/Fennells

The national installation of water meters started today with the first device put in place at a house in Maynooth, Co Kildare. Speaking in Maynooth th(...)

Production of zircon, a raw material used in the ceramics industry, fell 16 per cent from 10,400 tonnes in the first quarter to 8,700 tonnes during the second three months.

Mining company Kenmare Resources increased its overall production during the second quarter of this year. Between April and June the company’s product(...)

Blood from a stone: donations dry up, as people stay out to enjoy the spell of fine weather

The number of people attending blood donation clinics has dropped by about 10 per cent as a result of the good weather, according to the Irish Blood T(...)

A huge bonfire at New Mossley on the outskirts of Belfast, before it was set alight last night as loyalists celebrated July 12th. Photograph: PA

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service dealt with 15 bonfires and received over 180 calls last night as loyalists lit fires to mark the start of(...)