Anti-coup protesters flash three-fingered symbol of resistance as they gather to pray for those who died during a protest against the military in Yangon, Myanmar, on Monday. Photograph: AP

Demonstrators in Myanmar held protests demanding the restoration of Aung San Suu Kyi’s government on Monday and called for more co-ordinated nationwid(...)

A protester receiving oxygen after being injured during a demonstration against the military coup, in Taunggyi in Myanmar’s Shan state. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

The UN envoy on Myanmar has implored the security council to intervene in the escalating crisis, warning of the risk of civil war and an imminent “blo(...)

Anti-coup protesters squat behind a barricade that separates them from security forces on the opposite side of the road in the Dala township of Yangon on Friday. Photograph: AP

Myanmar security forces opened fire on Sunday, witnesses said, at people gathered for the funeral of one of the 114 people killed the previous day, th(...)

Protesters gather behind shields in case of a crackdown by security forces in Yangon, Myanmar. Photograph: The New York Times

The Security Council in New York was convened on Friday, amid growing international alarm about the military junta’s forceful tactics towards people p(...)

Anti-coup protesters hide behind shields as police use tear gas during a demonstration in Yangon on Thursday. Photograph: AP Photo

Police in Myanmar broke up demonstrations in several places with tear gas and gunfire on Thursday as protesters took to the streets again undeterred b(...)

Protesters flash the three-finger salute, a symbol of resistance, and hold a banner ‘Resist the military’ as they demonstrate against the coup in Yangon, Myanmar. Photograph: Nyein Chan Naing/EPA

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Myanmar’s cities on Saturday to denounce this week’s coup and demand the release of elected leader (...)

  Soldiers stand guard at the checkpoint of a military compound in Yangon on February 1st , as Myanmar’s military detained the country’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s president in a coup. Photograph: STR/AFP via Getty Images

The United States formally declared the military takeover in Myanmar as a coup d’etat on Tuesday, paving the way for a review of foreign assistance to(...)