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Lulu Wang, director of The Farewell: ‘I made something that is unapologetically me – both Chinese and American.’ Photograph: Joyce Kim/New York Times

There are few more heartwarming stories at the cinema this year than that of Lulu Wang’s The Farewell. The film itself meets the description without (...)

Jason Biggs in American Pie. Photograph: Universal Pictures

American Pie could never be made today. Just the premise of high school boys vowing, by hook or by crook, to lose their virginity before prom feels li(...)

Director Mike White attends the premiere party for his latest film Brad’s Status in Toronto. Photograph: Leonard Adam/WireImage

At 47, Mike White, the remarkably talented writer, director, actor and producer of School of Rock, is enjoying the most feted year of his already glea(...)

Lupita Tovar: July 27th, 1910-November, 12th, 2016. Above, with  Gene Autry  in the  western South of the Border. Photograph:  Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Lupita Tovar, a Mexican-born actor who began her career in silent films and starred as an alluring heroine in the Spanish-language version of the 193(...)