Vacancies in the Irish jobs market rose in the first three months of the year as the economy prepared for the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, new(...)

 Mary Kelly and Grainne Devine at the Friends of St Brigid’s Hospice Charity Shop on Leixlip’s Main Street. Devine    believes Intel’s presence has had a positive effect on the town. Photograph: Mark Hilliard

In the early microchip capitals of the world, in Munich, Eindhoven and Boston, Irish emigrants were being tempted home. “We’ll set up shop in the lo(...)

There is a growing skills gap and talent shortage emerging within Limerick, according to new research.

There is evidence of a skills shortage in Co Limerick as new research shows it has one of the highest job vacancy rates in the State despite also suff(...)

Knock airport: needs more regular flights  and quicker connections to Sligo town. Photograph: Alan Betson

A Sligo-Dublin motorway would support Sligo town as a hub for the growth of the wider region around it, stretching into Donegal, but there are greater(...)

The overseas trade drive comes after a challenging year for Irish goods exports, with a fall-off in chemical and pharmaceutical sales, largely due to big-name drugs coming off patent.

Government Ministers will highlight the success of multinational firms in Ireland and the oppotunity to be part of the State’s economic recover(...)

With the expiration of patents on more blockbuster drugs in the offing, what is the future of the sector in Ireland and what impact could any change h(...)