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Tackling age bias an imperative as the qualifying age for the old-age pension is likely to be pushed out, researchers say. Photograph: iStock

Age discrimination is alive and kicking in Irish workplaces. It’s illegal under the Employment Equality Acts (1998-2015) but those working in the area(...)

An intergenerational workforce can be a potent force for success. Photograph: iStock

Successful boutique hotelier Chip Conley joined Airbnb in 2013 at the request of one of the company’s millennial co-founders Brian Chesky. There’s not(...)

When tech workers reach the age of 45 they see the number of jobs they are offered drop, according to tech recruitment platform Hired.

Bob Crum finally bailed out of the tech industry last year, after four decades working for Silicon Valley companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Micro(...)

Airbnb: tech start-up grew with the help of a 52-year-old industry hospitality veteran. Photograph: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

A growing number of people feel like an old carton of milk, with an expiration date stamped on their wrinkled foreheads. One paradox of our time is (...)

“Two minutes into my speech, and I was aware the laughter was strained – and it became more so as I ploughed on.” Photograph: Getty Images

I took a train to Oxford last Wednesday to give a speech to the benefactors of my old college. I was in excellent spirits. The sun was shining and I w(...)

Payable chief executive (left), who says he stays at an Airbnb property whenever possible, during an office meeting in San Francisco. Photograph: Jason Henry/The New York Times

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, Tad Milbourn, chief executive of US technology start-up Payable, stays at an Airbnb property whenever po(...)