‘Raising plants from seed has a lot to do with dodging some common pitfalls and following a few immutable rules of horticulture.’ File photograph: Getty Images

If I had a euro for every time I’ve been asked to share the secrets of raising plants from seed, I’d be . . . well, not exactly rich, but certainly po(...)

Lady Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe with her husband. Photograph by permission of  the director of National Botanic Gardens

Historically, women have not always had the easiest time in the sciences. Yet some female scientists still blazed a trail in botany, and three of t(...)

Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe’s watercolour of the white-flowered species of rhododendron Rhododendron cuffeanum, which grows on trees like an orchid, not on the ground. Photograph: Office of Public Works

Justice is at last being done to the gifted and intrepid botanical artist Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe with the publication of E Charles Nelson’s be(...)