The Home Team crew from Charleston, South Carolina  will be doing a deep south barbecue pitmasterclass at The Big Grill festival in Herbert Park, Dublin, from August 17th-20th

Art and cooking come together in an interesting new concept for a cookbook, which is being launched this week by Syrias Vibes, which raises money to s(...)

Elly Curshen aka Elly Pear: building blocks for healthy eating

  Elly Pear’s first book, Fast Days and Feast Days, catered to advocates of the 5:2 diet. It sold extremely well, but the market for her second,(...)

Darina Allen, festival co-director, hosting a cookery demo with Sunil Ghai from Pickle restaurant, Dublin. Photograph: Joleen Cronin

The shop closed signs went up on the Food and Drinks Literacy Festival at Ballymaloe in Co Cork on Sunday night. Festival director, Rory O’Connell exp(...)

Passion for femented foods: chef and food writer Charlotte Pike

If you’re working long hard days in the City of London and coming home to your flat to bake through the night, you’ve obviously got some life choic(...)

Preserved lemons

Preserved lemons are widely enjoyed across north Africa. They’re an essential ingredient in many Moroccan and Egyptian dishes, adding a unique salty a(...)

Fermented drinks are a food fashion that’s really taking off. Photograph: Getty

If the words probiotic drink bring to mind over-priced little supermarket-bought plastic bottles of questionable efficacy, think again. Dearbhla Reyno(...)