Charlie Marks

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Whiplash in some affluent countries is big business, a multibillion dollar gravy train for the medical profession, victims and lawyers. Photograph: Getty Images

Whiplash is one of a family of disorders which the medical profession created in the second half of the 20th century. The scientific or pathological e(...)

‘The succession of phone calls, letters and emails over three months felt like a form of harassment which came to weigh heavily upon me.’ Photograph: Getty Images

In May, the Irish Medical Council announced a 13 per cent increase in annual registration fees for doctors to €605, at a time when the country is stru(...)

Consultant neurosurgeon Charlie Marks: While agreeing he erred, he is highly critical of the cost of the investigation and the time it took. Photograph: Daragh MacSweeney/Provision

A leading neurosurgeon has launched an unprecedented attack on the procedures used by the Medical Council to discipline doctors. Charlie Marks, who ha(...)

File image of  Charlie Marks. Photograph: Daragh Mac Sweeney/Provision

A former consultant neurosurgeon at Cork University Hospital has been found guilty of poor professional performance at a Medical Council fitness to(...)