Waiting for Godot is at Smock Alley theatre until August 10th.

Waiting for Godot      Smock Alley, Dublin. Ends August 10th, 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm) smockalley.com“I can’t go on like this(...)

Back row: Aisling Keogh and Dr Jonathon Linklater of the Irish Stammering Association with students, from left, Lydia McCrea, Shona Sullivan, Farrah Cleary, Niamh O’Brien, Aine Hyndman, Alice Patton, front, Noah Skelly and Andrew Myler. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

On an overcast but hot summer day, a group of young actors pair off at Dublin’s Liffey Trust Studios. They take turns leading each other around the ro(...)

Simon Stewart and Ronan Dempsey

Waiting for Godot Smock Alley, Dublin **   “I can’t go on like this,” says Gogo. “That’s what you think,” comes Didi’s reply(...)