Phil Hogan: ‘I have never seen such solidarity in the Commission on any issue, as I have seen in relation to the problems that this can create for Ireland.’ File photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

Patience with the British Government is “wearing out” in Brussels over delays proposing solutions for how to avoid a hard border in Ireland, European (...)

Simon Scotting with his Irish foreign birth registration document, in London, England.  Photograph: Andrew Wiard

He never contemplated being Irish. Not until Brexit loomed. The vote to leave the European Union in last year’s referendum shocked Simon Scotting. For(...)

Charles Tannock MEP: “I deeply regret the Brexit outcome. It was done on a slim majority on a broad franchise. And there were a pack of lies and false promises made.” Photograph: Wikipedia

With a grandmother born in Dublin in 1895, Charles Tannock is one of the thousands of people who has used his relatives to secure an Irish passport i(...)