Paeonia officinalis (1873), watercolour on paper by Lydia Shackleton, courtesy of the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.

I have never been able to grow peonies. They are, apparently, among the easiest and most reliable flowering plants, so I can only conclude that I lack(...)

Baccarat crystal and silver bowl €200- €300

Whyte’s Christmas timed online auction – currently open for bidding and ending on December 16th – offers those in search festive gifts an array of unu(...)

Weeping beech: We found a drift of self-sown beech seedlings, a few inches high, and pocketed one for the garden. Illustration: Michael Viney

The summer storm swept past in a hectic swirl of branches and I looked out at dawn to a polytunnel plastered with torn, wet leaves. But even on this b(...)

Perfect  purple: the greater butterwort wildflower of Kerry. Illustration: Michael Viney

It seems I was born loving flowers, whatever that makes me, apart from lucky to find so much pleasure in the world. In an early infant memory, tiny bl(...)

Preliminary watercolour study  of Iris ‘Killiney’ by botanical artist Jane Stark. (Drawing courtesy of ISBA)

As the wife of a professional garden photographer, it’s not unusual to find myself standing in a stranger’s garden grumpily harrumphing while my husba(...)

Omphalodes ‘Starry Eyes’. Photograph: Paddy Tobin

What is your favourite Irish plant? And no, you’re not allowed to say shamrock … Instead, I’m thinking of the thousands of wonderful garden plants (...)

Two in the bush: mistle thrushes feeding on mistletoe. Illustration: Michael Viney

Solstice is a fine soft word to slip off the tongue. It comes, the web tells me, via Old French from the Latin solstitium – sol for the sun and sister(...)

The world of botanical art in Ireland has lost its finest and most distinguished artist with the recent death of Wendy Walsh, at the age of 98.(...)