Charles Mingus

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Fontaines DC: the Irish band are shortlisted for the Mercury. Photograph: Paulo Nunes dos Santos/New York Times

Industry experts have hailed the return of political music in the run-up to this year’s Mercury prize, with the artists on the shortlist, including Ir(...)

Jazz bassist and composer, Ronan Guilfoyle

For a jazz composer, Ronan Guilfoyle had a better start than most. At a time when rock’n’roll was sweeping all before it, the Guilfoyle house in leafy(...)

Imagine Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus and Rage Against the Machine meeting in a dark, absurdist alley and you have some idea where Belfast art rockers (...)

September 14th, 1995: Singer David Bowie gestures as he performs one of the the first songs of a six-week concert tour of North America. Photograph: Jim Bourg/Files/Reuters

8th January 1947 - David Bowie is born David Robert Jones in Brixton, London, to mother Margaret “Peggy”, a waitress, and charity worker Haywood “John(...)

Back in 1959, a young New York pianist raised a petition to have composer George Russell’s seminal Jazz Workshop album re-released. The signatu(...)

Danish pianist and composer Simon Toldam has one foot in the European avant-garde and the other in old-school free jazz. His small group work, with(...)

Cornetist Kirk Knuffke and pianist Jesse Stacken have a habit of tackling composers one at a time. The long-standing duo’s early performances featu(...)

Paul Bley: Play Blue
  • Music
  • May 23, 2014, 00:00

Canadian pianist Paul Bley has searched for new sounds since the 1950s. Along the way he has worked with pioneers such as Ornette Coleman and Charles (...)

The title seems appropriate for a musician who, like all great artists, reaches for something timeless. For the past two d(...)

The original Money Jungle brought Duke Ellington into contact (some say conflict) with its (...)