Chad Smith

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Ah tis yourself Flea, we haven’t seen you in a while. Photograph:  Rob Carr/Getty Images

Once upon a time, you couldn’t swing a bag of cats in this town without knocking  Anthony Kiedis out. An outdoor Red Hot Chili Peppers gig was a (...)

Dara Kilkenny of the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Dublin: “It’s important to be creative and an artist, but you also need to eat and have a roof over your head.” Photograph: Ruth Medjber

The inner-city community of the Liberties’ in Dublin 8 has been sharing its streets, shops and flats with art students ever since NCAD set up in Th(...)

Mark Guiliana: ‘Listening to Coltrane play a melody on the saxophone makes me want to go practise drums’

In the search for the future of drumming, the end of a leafy, pot-holed lane in the midlands is not exactly the first place you would look. But on (...)