The study aimed to explore IGFs to better understand their role in how older people experience old age and friendship at that time of life

In Clive James’s 2007 essay on Egon Friedell, he writes: “Whether we like it or not, individuality is the product of a collective existence.” This rem(...)

Parents worry that if they start talking about anything relating to sexuality, they’re going to have to go the whole way. Whereas in fact, children’s curiosity about some particular aspect is often quickly sated. Photograph: iStock

Most parents aspire to raise children to be knowledgeable and comfortable about their bodies and sexuality by the time they approach adulthood. That’s(...)

Concealed pregnancies: during a study carried out in 2015, midwife Sylvia Murphy-Tighe spoke to women who described their fear of being pregnant as “paralysing”. Photograph: Getty

The baby girl was stillborn. Her mother gave birth in a car in Birr, Co Offaly on March 29th, following a “concealed pregnancy” and presented at Midla(...)

The letter points to the political and financial support which successive Irish governments have given the Palestinian people. Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

Almost 90 leading artists, academics and former ambassadors have signed a letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny urging the Government to formally recognise t(...)