Carolyn Hayes

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 Japan’s Momiji Nishiya  celebrates during the women’s skateboarding street final   at Ariake Urban Sports Park   in Tokyo. Photograph: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s late, we’re bleary-eyed and cognitive functions are casually slowing. Brain fog begins to set and the brightness of the TV makes the eyes go nice(...)

Ireland’s Carolyn Hayes receiving her silver medal beside Switzerland’s Nicola Spirig and America’s Kirsten Kasper at Sunday’s World Triathlon Cup  in Lisbon, Portugal. Photograph: Tommy Zaferes/Inpho

Carolyn Hayes took one giant leap towards qualification for the Olympics after producing the best Irish female performance in a triathlon in almost a (...)

 Carolyn Hayes after winning the BMW National Series race at Dublin City Triathlon, Phoenix Park, 2018. Photograph: Bryan Keane/ Inpho

We’ve all had to make sacrifices in during the coronavirus lockdown, but what do you do if your dreams were within reach? Someone getting used to mak(...)