Banks argue that customers are changing the way they work with their banks, moving  online; customers say they have little choice given branch closures and reduced staffing

“It’s a difficult road you have to travel with the bank; it just feels like they don’t support you very well, they are not interested” – so said one s(...)

The human brain: “Self-help books started invoking neuroplasticity and saying, ‘Look! You can do anything you like with your brain’. It started grating on me. Can it really be that easy?”

Science journalist Caroline Williams has been left alone in a room, having been asked to spend the next five minutes intensely worrying about somethin(...)

Caroline Williams: “There are companies that need my expertise but can’t afford somebody like me,” she says of her firm,  CFO Lean. Photograph: Jason Clarke

“I think the accountancy profession needs to jazz up the image of accountants. We’re all stereotyped as dull and boring.” That’s the view of London-ba(...)