In the news: some of the headline-makers of 2018

Answer all 100 questions in our special Christmas Quiz to be in with a chance of winning one of the following prizes: 1st prize: One night (...)

Alan McMonagle: has a dark and very Irish sense of humour on the twin topics of home and parenthood. Photograph: John Minihan

Ireland, summer 2009: a country in recession, people emigrating in droves, the formerly bustling main streets of rural towns hollow with empty windows(...)

Seán O’Keeffe: ‘What those baying for blood seem to fail to realise is that, now as in 2010 and 2013, the only way to ensure that authors and others receive what they are rightfully due is for the company to continue to trade successfully - which remains my first, and only, professional priority.’

The situation facing Liberties Press now is similar to two previous episodes in the company’s development. In November 2010, when my then business par(...)

 Caitriona Lally: “It definitely bothered a lot of people that I never explained Vivian’s backstory, but I wanted her to repress it. Nowadays everything’s about going to therapy and talking, and talking, and talking, and I didn’t want her to have a big emotional climax.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Meeting debut author Caitriona Lally in the Book Upstairs Café on D’Olier Street, I was extremely relieved to discover that, unlike her novel’s mai(...)

Eggshells author Caitriona Lally: “Eggshells,” says Áine Mahon, “is a delightful debut. Its every second sentence calls out for underlining or repetition, for the salutation of the tragi-comic in all its delicacy and all its glare.” Photograph: Alan Betson

In Caitriona Lally’s Eggshells we meet Vivian – nine tenths fictional creation and one tenth our own personality. Vivian is independent, creative, br(...)

 Caitriona Lally: “I think that, like many first novels, Eggshells is flawed and there are certain bits I wouldn’t write now, but I’m proud of it for what it is. It’s absolutely my best effort, the best that I could do at that time.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Caitriona Lally was a finalist in the 2014 Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair. Her first book, Eggshells, was published by Liberties Press in May. Sh(...)

This month The Irish Times Book Club is reading Caitriona Lally’s debut novel Eggshells. In this extract from the first chapter, we meet the book’s pr(...)

Caitriona Lally: “After almost a year, I found a minimum-wage job that felt like winning the Lotto. It was only when I had the security of paid work, and the sense of shape to the week that a job provides, that I finally had the confidence to move from my paper-scraps and notebooks to an empty computer screen, and begin writing Eggshells”

In the summer of 2014, I got word that Liberties Press was interested in publishing my first novel, Eggshells. Three years previously, I had kept note(...)