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Mr Alfie Byrne was elected MP to the British House of Commons for Dublin Harbour in a by-election on October 1, 1915, but lost his seat in 1918. In the 1922 elections, the first to be held in Ireland after the Treaty, he was elected to Dáil Éireann for the Dublin Mid constituency. From then until his death he was an Independent TD, except from 1944 until 1948 when he was a member of the Seanad. Alfie Byrne was elected Lord Mayor of Dublin a record ten times between 1930 and 1955. The by-election caused by his death was won by his son Patrick Byrne.
Dublin: A City At War

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Glory years: Alfie Byrne, nicknamed ‘the shaking hand of Dublin’ because of his relentless canvassing

He was elected lord mayor of Dublin a record 10 times. He was also an MP, a TD and a senator. Such was his popularity that he once looked likely to b(...)

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Vandalism and neglect

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The Alfie Byrne memorial seat as it looks today (left) and how it looked shortly after completion.

The artist who created the Alfie Byrne monument in Clontarf has hit back at Dublin City Council for “belittling” his work.The council is to decommissi(...)

The Alfie Byrne memorial seat at Clontarf in Dublin has been neglected and vandalised in recent years.

A monument to one of Dublin’s most popular and longest-serving lord mayors is to be “decommissioned” by Dublin City Council. The council is to remove (...)