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Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Photograph: Magdalena Wosinska/The New York Times

Three decades after finally graduating San Dimas High, Bill and Ted, now a pair of middle-aged dads, are getting the band back together. Alex (...)

Obama didn’t touch down in Havana with an apology in his pocket for the US having first slathered Cuba in sleaze, organised an invasion by far-right desperadoes, made at least five attempts on Fidel Castro’s life, imposed a blockade in an effort to impoverish the country into submission and erected an internment camp on its soil where perceived enemies of the US could be tortured, some to death. Alejandro Ernesto/EPA.

I wonder did President Obama put in a good word for the Lanskys during his visit to Cuba. The family wants its hotel back. Says spokesman Gary Rapopor(...)

The Mac, Belfast ★★★ One of the more unlikely breakout stars of the Ulster Bank Belfast International Arts Festival’s the(...)

Bernard McDonnell as Hugo the Bashful in Silent Moves

You run into trouble as soon as you start labelling art: women’s art, queer art, outsider art, disability art, deaf art . . . The problem is th(...)

The General
The General

Johnnie Gray (Buster Keaton) is a simple soul. He loves the locomotive he drives and he loves his sweetheart, Annabelle Lee. Sadly, a misunderstanding(...)

Catalan rampoline master Max Calaf Seve performing at the Spanish Parade for the Galway Arts Festival. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Saturday was one of the heatwave barnstormers we have come to expect from July 2013. Yesterday morning came up muggy and cloudy. But if there were fe(...)